Latich Art Academy
Dmitry Latich is a professional artist, studied to be a teacher of Fine Arts and Drawing. The master's works are in museums and private collections around the world. His personal exhibitions of painting were held in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Professional tattoo artist since 2003, amateur experience since 1993. His tattoos are found in over 20 countries. Dmitry is a participant and winner of international tattoo conventions, has many international awards and recognitions. He was the owner of tattoo studios in St. Petersburg and Thailand.
His works were published in German, English, French, Russian, Ukrainian editions. He was a member of the Guild of Russian Professional Tattooists from 2007 to 2013 (now this organization has been renamed). Teaching activity in tattooing since 2007. Dmitry has been teaching drawing since his student days, and online training since 2008. Dmitry's students have already become recognized tattoo artists.
You have the opportunity to learn the most important thing for a tattoo artist - a specially adapted drawing technique with practicing first on paper, then with a tattoo machine on the training skin and a person. Believe me, with these drawing skills you will be able to do everything in a tattoo! And without these skills, none of the most expensive machine will make beauty for you.

Spending years gaining experience or gaining knowledge quickly - the choice is obvious!
On the course, you will understand the subtleties and secrets of how to compete with the best masters of the world, get advice with which everything will become clear. Learn to tattoo realistically.

Black and white realism
1. Drawing part of the course (not required if you have an art education).
2. The main part of the course is designed for 2-3 months, after the main part an individual task follows, which is selected for each according to the results.

During the main part of the tattoo course, you will practice realistic drawing, specially adapted for training tattoo techniques, precise work with transfers. Practice confident, controlled movements with a typewriter. Attention to detail and accuracy. There will be a lot of technical advice.

After the course, you will be able to disassemble any complex composition into understandable details, this will give you the opportunity to fulfill any idea. With this knowledge, you can shape your style.

The course takes place through video lessons in a convenient application. Teacher comments after each lesson and homework.

Only 10 seats.
Start on November 5.
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