"Inspiration of the sky" – Moscow
August 18 - October 18, 2019.
Opening of Dmitry Latich exhibition "Inspiration of the sky". Latich Art Team made an event the "Aviation Day", at the Gorka Heliport, Moscow. Those who wish could enjoy the canvases for 2 months. There was also a delightful helicopter aerobatics from the five-time world champion, Honored Master of Sports Vadim Sazonov, representing the Association of Higher Flight Skills, a show of aviation clothing, a buffet table and live music. We made a bright event!
The official automobile partner of the event was the Porsche Center Rublevsky, a special compliment from which was the personal acquaintance of guests with the new legendary Porsche 911 (992). The event was organized with the support of the country's main aviation forum SAON.RU Special thanks to the Gorka heliport complex for their assistance in holding the event. The organizer and General sponsor of the event is the Latich Art Team.
Latich Exhibition in Moscow.
"Inspiration of the sky" – Saint-Petersburg
April 26 - May 10, 2019.
Exhibition of paintings by Latich "Inspiration of the sky."
April 26 - May 10, 2019. Saint-Petersburg.
Exhibition of paintings by Latich "Inspiration of the sky." April 26 - May 10, 2019. Saint-Petersburg.
For this exhibition, paintings were collected that belong to famous aviators, museums and industrialists: the Russian Knights and Swifts aerobatic teams (the permanent exhibition site is the Kubinka airbase museum), Svetlana Kapanina (the pilot of century), the Vadim Zadorozhny museum of technology, and UEC Klimov (engine designer for airplanes, helicopters, missiles and tanks), the national aerobatic team of the United Arab Emirates Al Fursan - this painting was an official gift from the United Arab Emirates to the Dubai International Air Show 2017 (the permanent exhibition location at Dubai Airport), to Arthur Sargsyan (the legendary aerial photography operator).