by professional artist
Dmitry Latich
It is much more effective than traditional training.
Even if you have not drawn before, you will have huge progress!

Latich Art Academy is a new approach to teaching drawing.
In just 1 month you will complete a program that will take more than a year in classical education. And there really is nothing complicated about it.
The training will be interesting and understandable.

  • The old ways of teaching are also outdated, such as how to travel on the roads on a horse. In educational institutions, they teach to draw from life, which is completely wrong. Drawing from nature is a special difficult way of drawing, which is needed if you already know how to draw well and want to draw professionally from nature.

  • You need to learn in simple steps. From the simplest basic exercises to the more difficult ones. Step by step you will learn how to draw an art line, draw a circle, square, and hatch evenly. Then, using simple examples, you will understand how the shadow and tone are arranged.

  • First, the geometric shapes and the formulation of hand movements. Next, you will draw a realistic animal drawing and portrait. And at the end of the program, the artist will select an individual final task for you. On the final assignment, you will consolidate your skills and practice drawing on your own.

  • The boundless spaces of the fine arts will open up for you. Drawing with a graphite pencil is the basis of all fine art, it is a basic and most important skill. With these skills, you can easily master painting, sculpture, digital painting and any other artistic direction.

  • Your teacher Dmitry Latich is an outstanding artist and teacher with personal exhibitions, who won many art competitions. Nowdays his students are winning art competitions. Dmitry has been drawing since he was 3 years old. At the age of 6 he already surprised the audience with realistic drawings. He graduated from art school, studied to be a teacher of fine arts and drawing, personally studied with honored masters. Huge experience of personal teaching, thanks to which Dmitry understood the imperfection of classical methods and developed his own highly effective method of teaching. He has been successfully teaching drawing online since 2008.

  • As it turned out, online classes are more effective than personal ones, because the teacher cannot complete the student's drawing with his own hand. It is necessary to explain everything very clearly, so clear that it works even for children.

You will definitely succeed!
It is enough only to strive and perform the exercises step by step.

Online course "Learn to draw for a month"
– 8 video lessons for 2.5 hours
– hometasks
– feedback on each lesson and homework personally from a professional artist, the creator of the course, Dmitry will tell you how to fix mistakes and make the drawing better
– the final individual task after completing the main part of the course, Dmitry selects a task for each student based on the results of the main part and your manner of drawing. This drawing wiil be done with detailed step by step instructions.

>>> During the course, on checking homework with recommendations and working with you on recommendations for an individual task, the artist devotes about 4 hours of his time.

Access to the course and artist's feedback will be 1 year. Draw at any time convenient for you, in your comfortable mode.

Lessons for the course are specially developed and pre-recorded. This method of teaching is more effective than personal lessons, in our lessons the artist draws for you throughout the lesson, slowly and with detailed explanations, so that you succeed. Students in our course draw only with their own hands, without the intervention of a teacher, which is why such a high result.

The explanations in the lessons are as detailed as possible, there will be no additional questions. It works for everyone, adults and children.

All the work of our students is done only in such online classes.

1. Hand positioning, drawing basics, shading.
2. Composition for practicing academic drawing.
3. A simple drawing of an animal, construction with shading, showing the volume.
4. More complex drawing with detailed elaboration.
5. Portrait, here you will learn a complex construction and work out a more attention to details.

How It Works
Training takes place on video lessons at any time convenient for you. You turn on a video lesson on your tablet or computer and draw after the artist, repeat the exercises after him.
Good Support
At the end of the lesson, send a photo of your drawing and within 1-2 days Dmitry gives feedback, suggests what mistakes to fix and how to do it better. You fix it and move on to the next lessons.
Step by step
Thus, starting with shading and setting the hand, you will draw a realistic animal and a portrait of a girl by the end of the course.
Individual Approach
Then you will receive an individual task, Dmitry will give you an assignment based on your results on the course, on this assignment your skills will increase even more.
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    Students drawings
    all of these drawings are hand-drawn by students on my courses
    kid's drawings
    learning to draw is especially important for children, they learn how to express their thoughts on paper, they also develop imagination, the ability to visualize and achieve target
    Computer / laptop / tablet
    Drawing paper for graphite pencils approx. 6 x 8 inch (15 x 21 cm)
    Graphite pencils: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
    Stationery knife of medium size
    Eraser Tombow Mono Zero Eraser 2.3 mm
    Kneadable Art Eraser
    Thin paper tape
    Pencil sharpener
    Flat makeup brush, about 0,4 inch (1 cm) in size
    These can usually be found in art or good stationery stores. Or you can order from the online store.
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