Latich Art Academy
Dmitry Latich is a born artist. His abilities appeared already at the age of 3, and at 6 he drew his first hyper-realism, which shocked the audience. He graduated from art school and studied as a teacher of fine art. Нe won a huge number of art competitions.

He lives traveling and takes inspiration from the beautiful places of the world. His works are in more than 20 countries, in private collections and museums. Mr. Latich developed his own methodology for teaching drawing, according to which people learn a program for a month, which has been traditionally taught for years.

Graphics Mr. Latich is distinguished by a special relation to details and the energy emitted from the images in his works. There is a series of paintings dedicated to aviation. High speed and altitude inspire him on a par with travel. Many aviation celebrities in the world have his paintings, and his works were also chosen for international diplomatic presentations.

Mr. Latich has been a professional tattoo artist since 2003 and has received many international awards. He is one of the best masters in the world, his students have already become famous masters and receive awards.

Personal exhibitions of Mr. Latich are distinguished by a special performance, the artist likes to create a whole event. For example, in the most pompous place in Moscow, for the opening of the exhibition, the Latich Art team organized an air festival with a Porsche partner, a concert program and a helicopter show from 5 times the absolute world champion in aerobatics.